She married an old man but found out his age right at the wedding…

As was customary, the young student married a 70-year-old retiree. Throughout the days leading up to the celebration, Xiao remained dejected; it was only natural that the young woman was worried about the unequal marriage.

The student didn’t object to the wedding with her parents, and that night the groom accidently revealed the girl’s actual age. The Xiao Qu family was from the lower middle class. Because they had always wanted their daughter to marry a wealthy and noble man, the girl’s parents got her engaged without even paying a dowry.

Because it is against the law in China to disobey parents, the student was unable to do so. He was humbly getting ready for the wedding while also hurting. Meetings with the retired groom became more frequent, and Xiao always found something peculiar about them.

The guy was really polite, engaged, and nice. The girl eventually realized her worries about the wedding had diminished. His admiration for the older man grew with time. When it was time for the young couple to leave the ceremony, they did so as scheduled.

The husband told Xiao to keep an eye on the door so he could use the bathroom. When the girl entered after hearing his call, she was shocked to see a young man there rather than an elderly person.

Approximately six hours were spent on the explanations. A millionaire businessman from a different part of the country turned out to be Xiao’s fiancée. He deliberately posed as a 70-year-old guy to initially arouse genuine interest in his partner’s character.

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