A mongolian country singer sounds just like an American country singer… Watch the video below…

The Mongolian country singer’s version of “Don’t Be Cruel” is better than anyone else’s except for Elvis.

Enkh-Erdene Otgonbat is known as the “Asian Mongol” because of how good his singing is. He is known as the Mongolian cowboy and loves country music.

Enkh-Erdene Otgonbat loves to sing songs that Elvis Presley first sang. He chose to sing his song “Don’t be evil” for the semi-final round of Mongolia’s Got Talent.

He knows what is expected of him, so all he has to do is do his best on stage. He felt better when he sang Elvis Presley’s old hits. The judges were very impressed by this. One of the judges even started moving to the music while he was singing.

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