“Seems To Be Wearing Half Of The Dress!”: Winnie Harlow’s ‘Invisibility Dress’ Is Making a Splash Online!

Model agencies scouted Winnie Harlow, a supermodel who rose to fame after participating in “America’s Next Top Model,” while she was on the program.

Winnie swiftly gained prominence in her first year as a model despite having vitiligo and collaborated with numerous prestigious companies and newspapers.

Winnie, who is well known for her striking looks and stunning form, frequently dons daring and outlandish clothing to highlight her characteristics. At a recent event including a host of famous people, she took it a step further with a look that had viewers questioning if she was even wearing anything.

Fans were happy to discover that Winnie wasn’t actually naked as she exited her car, but the tight attire left little to the imagination. She was obviously not wearing any underwear, either.

Fans couldn’t help but remark that Winnie had regained her toned shape after losing around 20 lbs during the quarantine last year. Despite the lack of coverage, Winnie looked lovely as ever.

Winnie’s beauty and self-assurance continue to enthrall and inspire the fashion industry, solidifying her place among its biggest stars.

How did you find the model’s attire?

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