5-Year-Old Little Girl Walks Up To The Stage Earns Judges’ Love Singing A Rendition of “My Way” by Frank Sinatra

The moment Sophie took the stage in her pink dress and waved to the judges and audience, everyone melted with her soft, talking voice. Not a single person was prepared for Sophie’s lure, not even Simon Cowell, a notoriously tough judge, who burst out laughing as she entered. But when Sophie Fatou started singing, those expectations changed. In the video, the young girl kicked off with a powerful performance of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way,” raising her hands with the lyrics and playing like she was much older.

The audience cheered and cheered as the judges sat with their mouths hanging open at what they were witnessing. Sophie Fatou took notes like a pro and acted as an opera singer. No one would have thought that a girl her age could do something so amazing! In the end, Sophie got the approval of all four judges to advance to the second round. Her mother, Victoria Fatou – an award-winning musician with her own popular YouTube channel and subscribers – looked as proud as any parent could be as the two strolled backstage

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