The world’s most beautiful model, according to voters, is this young child. Take a look at her eight years later.

Although Slavic models are more versatile due to their neutral skin tone, blond hair, and eyes, they are especially well-liked in the modeling industry.

About ten years ago, Nastya Bezrukova was deemed the most beautiful girl in the entire world. She has developed into a responsible young lady.

The girl took part in group dancing and rhythmic gymnastics. She became well-known while she was only eight years old. She started working as a model when she was six, therefore she occasionally had to miss training and classes. It’s obvious that from a young age, this started to harden the girl’s character.

In 2012, our heroine was able to join a modeling agency and take part in an amazing assignment. After that, she started attracting the attention of numerous corporate and clothing brand representatives as well as other agencies. Nastya started to put forth more effort.

The girl gained international recognition as a consequence of her appearances in Vogue, Armani, and Harper’s Bazaar. A few years later, the girl started acting in motion pictures.

The projects in which Nastya has taken part are clear indicators of her participation. The songs “Milky Way,” “Insomnia,” and “After You” are some of her best-known compositions.

Anastasia is currently enrolled in school, takes part in gymnastics and dance, keeps up her modeling career, and makes friends with her fellow students. She lives a fairly ordinary life overall.

The parents of Nastya don’t want to stop her from doing what she wants to do.

She has already had multiple modeling agency offers, therefore she will undoubtedly continue to advance in each of these areas.

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