Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger’s daughter grew up to be a model: How Ireland looks today

This couple was first seen together while filming in “The Marrying Habits” in 1990. As in teh film, the couple’s real life was also filled with loud arguments and tumultuous reconciliations.

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They got married and after 7 years divorced.

They had a wonderful daughter named Ireland. The girl inherited all the best features of her parents.

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Kim Basinger had many difficulties while she was pregnant because of her age. She was already over 40.

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After their daughter’s birth, Kim had other health issues and also experienced stress which affected their family relationship very much.

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The couple came to the decision a divorce but as they couldn’t share their property and parental rights properly they split as rivals.

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Soon Ireland grew older and decided to become a model which made her father go crazy. After her modeling carrer, they kept fighting often but they still took some steps to understand each other.

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