What Tom Cruise’s daughter looks like now, with whom he does not have any contact

Tom Cruise, an actor, ended communication with his sole heiress and divorced his wife in 2012. Today, Suri, 16, is the focus of intense interest from the paparazzi and the famous star’s followers. The mother worked hard to keep her daughter out of the spotlight, but as Suri has grown older, she is increasingly becoming well-known and being interviewed by media outlets.

Suri was recently photographed by photographers in New York while she was out for a walk with a pal. Users of the network commented on the photos of the endearing girl, saying things like, “A copy of her father,” “What a beautiful girl,” “And how does Tom sleep peacefully, knowing that he turned away from his only child?” “Inherited all the best from mom and dad,” “Looks like Tom in his youth,” and “Inherited all the best from mom and dad.”

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