It’s Like a Different Person. John Goodman, 71, Lost Almost 200 Ibs and Changed Beyond Recognition

John Goodman, known for his parts in “The Big Lebowski” and “King Ralph,” has experienced an amazing change by dropping approximately 198 lbs.



At the 62nd Monte Carlo Television Festival, the actor stunned on the red carpet, drawing acclaim from bystanders and earning the label “incredible.”

Back in 2007, when John was close to 398 lbs, he started his weight-loss adventure. Surprisingly, he managed to make these adjustments without using surgery. He initially gave up drinking entirely, which was a big change in his way of life.

2016 saw him lose 99 Ibs. This is when he decided to hire a personal trainer and commit to regular, challenging gym sessions. By working out six days a week and setting a goal of taking up to 12,000 steps each day, Goodman pushed himself. Additionally, he embraced the Mediterranean diet, making fish, olive oil, vegetables, nuts, and fruits his main meal selections.

In 1978, the Broadway production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” marked John Goodman’s acting debut. He began acting in films in 1983, making notable appearances in “Sea of Love” with Al Pacino and “Arachnophobia” with Jeff Daniels. In addition to his outstanding performances in “The Big Lebowski,” “The Artist,” and “Argo,” he also acted in the comedy “King Ralph” in 1991.

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