Izzy and Easton, two young dancers, show off their skills with contemporary dance on America’s Got Talent… Watch the video below…

Izzy, 11, and Easton, 14, both from Las Vegas, recently did well in their auditions and impressed not only Hough but also Simon Cowell, Gabrielle Union, and Howie Mandel. their current state of mind. In the preview for Tuesday’s episode, Izzy and Easton performed a heartfelt song that left the audience speechless.

Izzy and Easton are not related, but they have been dancing together for five years and now think of each other as family. Izzy said, “I love dancing with Easton because he is so amazing, beautiful, and nice.” He reminds me of my brother.” They act like siblings who have been split up by war because of their habits.

Cowell asked if Izzy and Easton’s dance styles were popular before they went on stage. He asked Hough, who works as a dancer, “Does anyone like contemporary dance?” “Yes,” she said with pride. “I!” As it turns out, Izzy and Easton may have turned Cowell into a fan of contemporary dance. At the end of their performance, he looked pretty good. Check out the full audition above to see every dramatic and sublimated shot from above and on the ground.

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