Nine-Year-Old Girl Who Has A Voice Like Celine Dion Has All The Audience Applauding For Her Performance

Although she was one of the youngest contestants, she is one of the audience’s favorite judges after her beautiful cover of Celine Dion.

During the semi-finals of the competition, she knew she had to make a good impression and only knew that Celine’s song would make her one of the first candidates in the competition.

Although a bold and risky move, it paid off! Now everyone knows about her true talent, stylistic choices, and beautiful voice that came through in the song.

As she performs, she sees the camera pan to the audience and the judges. During these moments, you can see how amazing the whole room is with its beautiful sound!

The rest of the competition obviously have to step up their game if they want to beat young Emma.

Choosing to sing such a famous and beloved song was a bold move, but the reward was well worth the risk! The young singer definitely has a bright future ahead of her.

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