Mom finds her little son praying in Walmart – Then L’ooks Closer And Sees It

While inside Walmart, the young boy and his mother parted ways. A few minutes later, when she finally located him, she wanted to chastise him for getting lost… till she learned what he had been doing.

I needed to dash into Walmart. To make sure my son was standing next to me, I turned around.

He was hunched down at one of the seats near the entrance of the store when the mother eventually located her son. She initially struggled to comprehend what he was doing. Then she noticed that he appeared to be praying, but why?
At that point, the bewildered mother turned to face the board hanging on the wall above the boy. “Every second counts,” the poster declared. Mom discovered what he had been up to at that point.

“I expected to find him by my side, but instead I discovered him kneeling before the Missing Children board praying.”
Readers throughout the nation who were missing loved ones immediately connected with the emotional moment preserved in time when the straightforward yet impactful image went viral. A youngster in one of the images hanging on the wall was identified by a different Facebook page called Bring Aubrey Home as Aubrey Jayce Carroll, a teenager from George who went missing in 2016.

The best response was provided by a Facebook commenter: “Whether or not you believe in God actually doesn’t matter. This youngster was helping others by doing what he could while shopping at Walmart. If everyone in the world followed his lead, the world would be a better place.

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