The 56-year-old mother of Miley Cyrus looks younger than her star daughter: two beauties on a walk

Letizia Cyrus, Miley’s mother, is 56 years old and currently the center of attention. The mother clearly has a younger appearance than her famous daughter.

As a multi-talented mother, producer, interior designer, and style icon who defies aging and exudes incredible beauty, Miley described her mother.

On their present expedition, it is impossible to tell that they are different ages because they look like sisters.

Many people believed that Miley and her mother had a poor relationship, but Tish disproved all of their assumptions. They enjoy spending time together and are quite close.

Tish sports chic pants, a white blouse with a design, and relaxedly tousled blonde hair, all of which contribute to her young appearance.

People who don’t believe it could be natural think that Tish underwent multiple plastic procedures to maintain her attractiveness.

Tish, however, disputes these assertions. Her busy lifestyle and yoga practice, which she attributes for helping her maintain a trim physique at 120 lbs. and 5.7 feet tall, are certain facts.

What do you think, then? Do they not resemble sisters? Add your viewpoint as well.

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