The judges broke down in tears after a children’s choir covered “Queen,” which prompted them to hit the “Golden Buzzer.”

Every performer fantasizes about large venues, a warm crowd, and the opportunity to reach a global audience.

Of course, mustering the courage to carry out these actions is another different matter. Many won’t even try to attempt this, and even if they do, there is no assurance that their efforts will be sufficient to complete the task.

Fortunately, a tiny children’s choir that performed in front of Simon Cowell and the other judges did not experience this. Despite their dubious appearance, the primary school students delivered a performance they won’t soon forget.

The ferocity of Queen’s song “Don’t Stop Me Now” is beyond dispute. One of the most stirring songs of the 20th century, if not the greatest. The song flawlessly displays Freddie Mercury’s vocal prowess and completely mesmerizes any listener who hears it.

Naturally, singing it is not a simple task.

The youngsters, however, were not going to be deterred by this. They entered the stage with enthralling excitement, and the judges and audience both laughed out loud at their cover of the iconic song.

Furthermore, these kids show no signs of anxiety or stress, which is already a remarkable accomplishment given their circumstances. Instead, each one of them plays their part with assurance and enthusiasm.

Their performance was so potent that it earned them Simon Cowell’s harsh criticism as well as the Golden Buzzer from judge David Williams.

They were the first to win the ‘Golden Buzzer’ at Britain’s Got Talent 2018, and that was definitely a statement for them.

Watch their performance in the video below:

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