The Network discussed a photo of Reeves’ 77-year-old mother, who looks younger than his 48-year-old darling

So what do you think about his mother??57-year-old Keanu Reeves went out with his parent Patricia, captivating fans. The 77-year-old woman, according to Reeves fans, looks stunning. In our opinion, you can’t give an actor’s mother more than 40 years.

Subscribers Keanu Reeves compared Patricia with the new darling of her son. 48-year-old Alexandra Grant looks older than Patricia, according to fans of the Hollywood star.

“Patricia is superbly preserved”, “Looks younger than her son’s current passion”, “Next to Reeves’ mom, Grant looks like a gray mouse”,

“What a spectacular grandmother,” wrote netizens. Share your opinion in the comments, friends. Waiting for you under this post. Did you like the actor’s mother?

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