Harvey Korman has the audience in stitches when he meets Carol Burnett’s high school crush

The Carol Burnett Show was one of the most fabulous shows ever on TV. It had the best sketch comedy performed by the delightful ensemble cast of Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence, and Lyle Waggener. In addition, many other guests delivered excellent performances.

The beautifully scripted sketch comedy was the reason behind the show’s uniqueness. It was an absolute classic that made Burnett a superstar. Recently, one of the sketches titled “Husband vs. High School Crush” made the audience roll on the floor laughing.

Harvey Korman portrayed the out-of-shape, jealous husband unwilling to meet his wife’s crush. But unfortunately, Carol’s old flame turned out to be the stunningly handsome old crush, Tommy Bartlett (portrayed by Lyle Waggoner).

However, the whole situation went down the stream when he tried to woo Carol’s kid sister, played by Vicki Lawrence. Harvey’s superb portrayal of the jealous husband and Carol drooling over Lyle left the audience in splits.

The entire situation took a 360-degree turn when the old flame met Carol’s kid sister and tried to impress her. Poor Carol started to get jealous of her sister in a funny way. She told Vicki that Tommy was slightly old enough for her, to which Harvey interrupted and added, “He’s her age.”

The sketches Carol created were humane, and viewers could relate to them. She would always take realistic situations and turn them into a comical skit, making viewers fall in love with The Carol Burnett Show.

Saturday nights had become a fun event for the families as all the members enjoyed the comedy sketches on TV. A great cast and consistently funny performances made The Carol Burnett Show one of the most popular shows in TV history.

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