After making AGT history by receiving a Golden Buzzer from all of the judges, Victory Brinker returns with a beautiful performance!!!

Victory Brinker somehow leads with a golden buzzer-beating performance in the AGT quarterfinals.

Victory Brinker captured the hearts and minds of Americans with her performance at the America’s Got Talent auditions, and her performance in the quarterfinals is unlikely to set any of them free.

Victory took the stage in front of a backdrop of cherry blossoms floating in the air, her big voice filling the AGT auditorium with the ethereal sounds of opera.

The performance ended with Simon Cowell milking the drama inherent in the iconic performer’s presence on the show. He called Crews to the judges’ table for a conference, leaving him nervously standing on the stage before turning to him.

And with that, Cowell, Crews and Mandel, along with judges Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum, stood up and collectively hit the Golden Buzzer to send her live.

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