Rob Lowe left Melissa Gilbert pregnant after their breakup, leaving her feeling terrible…

Melissa Gilbert, a well-known Hollywood actress, had a troubled love life with Rob Lowe and a variety of vices during her career.

The adored Laura Ingalls character from “Little House On The Prairie” in the 1970s gained popularity thanks to Melissa Gilbert. Her portrayal of Laura was so realistic that many young girls wished they could live the life of the TV character.

Gilbert was the ideal actor for the part, but she secretly secretly wanted to be Laura. Gilbert’s life was not simple, sadly, and being in the spotlight made it worse. Here is a glimpse into her turbulent childhood.

As an adopted child growing up, Melissa Gilbert was aware of this. Melissa was even aware of her birth parents and the circumstances surrounding her adoption. She had a challenging existence despite having two parents who appeared to be caring adoptive parents.

She was adopted by Barbara and Paul Gilbert, and as she grew older, her parents saw that she had some potential. From 1974 to 1983, Melissa secured the role of the late Michael Landon’s daughter as Laura Ingalls.

Although Melissa’s TV character and she had the same age, their lifestyles were not the same. She claimed that she had grown up more of “a dork” and had a stable family environment.

The child star turned superstar actress gained exposure to Hollywood life as she developed in the public light.

Melissa used drugs and alcohol when she was a young adult. Trysts, Hollywood playboys, drugs, drunkenness, and three nose jobs before the age of 20 all contributed to her popularity as an adult.

She wrote about all of these in her memoir, “Prairie Tale,” which recounts the turbulent events of her real life. Her troubled relationship and teenage love life with fellow actor Rob Lowe was another key feature of her early existence.

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