Leonardo DiCaprio just started dating a woman who is 30 years younger than him: meet her…

There are rumors that famous Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio is dating Israeli model Eden Polanyi.

Even though there were rumors that he was dating Victoria Lamas, 23, DiCaprio was seen at a party in Los Angeles with Polanyi, which led to rumors that they were dating.

In a picture of the moment, the couple looked very humble, and rumors say that Polanyi never left DiCaprio’s side all night.

Polanyi is only 19, but she has been modeling for years and has a lot of experience on the runway.

She just signed a deal with the well-known agency ITM Model Management.

Even though she goes all over the world, it’s not clear if DiCaprio, who is known for changing partners often, will do the same and go on a date with her.

In recent news, it was reported that Leonardo DiCaprio bought another house in Los Angeles. This was a big deal because he already owned five nearby houses and a huge 21,000 square meters of land.

This adds to the idea that the actor, who is 48 years old, wants to settle down.

In the end, DiCaprio’s private life is still a mystery, but his recent public appearance with Eden Polanyi has gotten a lot of attention on the web.

People will continue to be interested in Leonardo DiCaprio’s love life as long as he is known as Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor.

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