The View was banned from being nominated for a Daytime Emmy because “Whoopi is Toxic.”… Read on to know more…

“The View” or any of its hosts will no longer be eligible for nominations for the Daytime Emmy Awards. Emmy Awards Worldwide LLC moved to make its program more open to right-leaning shows like Fox News’ “The 5,” which has never won an award. That’s when the decision was made.

“We want people to know that we can’t keep putting these women on a pedestal when they’re really just bad,” said the CEO of the company, Joe Barron. “Whoopi is poisonous. What if she or he is about to win an award and says something again that supports Hitler? What are they going to do? That’s what. Laugh all the way to the bank in Alyssa Milano’s Volkswagen, that’s what.”

Barron’s thoughts don’t have no good points. The Golden Globes didn’t let Will Smith or his movie about black people and slavery be nominated, and the Oscars will probably do the same. The Daytime Emmys are just following the rules for giving out awards. “Our sister company, Emmy Awards of America Inc, will allow nominations on a case-by-case basis, but we can’t allow any at all.”

Artwork Tubolls, a spokesman for Goldberg, told a source that the show plans to sue the company for discrimination, so of course they have to play that card. “She says that she and Anna Navaro have both tried to do something about affirmative action.

Will Smith could not be reached for comment. The choice is remaining and there’s no official appeals course of. God bless the Daytime Emmys for making the bold move, and God bless the United States of America.

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