A woman greets a bear, but she doesn’t think he’ll answer… Watch the video below…

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to meet a wild animal in the woods? Of course, it would be fun to meet some wild animals like the gray squirrel or the chipmunk. But when we’re alone in the middle of the forest, the last thing we want to find is a 300-pound bear. We know we can’t leave them behind, and we know we can’t fight them off either. We might feel a little better if we were in the car, but this can also teach us something.

The woman managed to get through this experience, and what she did was recorded on video. They’ve been to the Olympic Game Farm, and it’s not uncommon to spot wildlife while driving through the area. You can interact with them to some extent, although you will be doing this through a car window rather than face to face. They sat next to the bear, and he sat on the fence and looked at them. It was then that the woman decided to greet the bear, but the bear responded in a way that no one expected.

As you walk around the Olympic farm, you will learn a lot about animals. You can see them in their natural environment now that the show is open. These neighborhoods are right in the middle of downtown Washington, so there is a lot of beauty all around you. When you’re outside, you never know what will happen, so this woman was probably surprised.

It doesn’t take long to watch the video, but it’s really cool. The bear laughs in response to her greeting, but I’m sure you will too. Watch this video to see what happened when the woman waved at the bear:

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