Ronan Parke’s song “Feelin’ Good” makes the judges stand up and cheer | Britain’s Got Talent…

The 12-year-old broke down in tears when he got three yeses after singing Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good” in a powerful way.

He took the day off of school to go to the audition with his mom, Maggie, and dad, Trevor, who waited in the wings and watched with bated breath.

Maggie was worried about how people would react to him, but he got a lot of applause from the judges and the crowd, making him one of the most popular acts so far this season

Judge Michael McIntyre said: ‘So you took a day off school… I wouldn’t waste my time by going back. You’re a little star. You have turned a room upside down… “So far, you’re the best we’ve seen.”

In place of David Hasselhoff, guest judge Louis Walsh said, “I’m going to tell you that big things are going to happen to you.” You’re so good.’

Ronan Parke’s performance on Britain’s Got Talent made the whole country fall in love with him

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