The father and daughter surprised the groom by dancing at the daughter’s wedding… Watch the video below…

Brigham Young University (BYU) graduate Mikayla Ellison is a member of BYU’s International Folk Dance Team. She just got married to Cody, who is also a BYU student. But, as you will see, Mikayla is not the only one in her family who can dance well.

As is common at wedding banquets, the dance between the father and daughter starts out simple and traditional, but in a few seconds, it turns into an impressive choreography. In the video we’re showing you today, Mikayla and her father surprise us with an out-of-the-ordinary dance at the wedding that will make you smile from ear to ear. The clip was made by BP Film & Photo in Point Grove, Utah. In it, you can see how the energetic duo wins over crowds with dance moves like the Hammer Time, Carlton, and Dance. In fact, it’s been called the best father-daughter dance at a wedding ever.

Now Nate has a message for all dads: “NEVER LET AN OPPORTUNITY TO DANCE WITH YOUR DAUGHTER GO TO WASTE!” He also says that this was his chance to treat his daughter like a princess, the way he thinks she should be treated, and that it will be a moment she will never forget.

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