“Already doesn’t fit in the XXXL”: 342 Ibs Tess could barely squeeze into a huge suit

Tess Holliday, a 342 lb woman, chose unsuitable attire once more.

The American gained notoriety when, despite having a curvy physique, she decided to try her hand at modeling and discovered that she did not miss her field of work. After being dubbed the most complete model in the world, Tess gained notoriety very quickly.

Holliday’s admirers frequently imply that she needs to lose weight. But the model is definitely against it. Despite her amazing weight on the scales, which is already above 155 kilograms, Tess will not lose weight. She frequently states that she is happy with the way she looks and has no trouble leading a leisurely life like other thin people.

For this reason, the model exclusively dons crop tops, short skirts with plunging necklines, and a variety of shorts. Although Tess, the model, feels sexy in it, many people do not like this choice of clothing because it draws attention to all of Tess’ flaws.

Holliday wanted to put on the black hoodie and shorts at this point. In the designer’s mind, the picture was meant to be gigantic, but when Tess wore it, it became flattering.

The clothing highlighted every wrinkle and area of cellulite on the model’s legs.

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