«Barely walking and hands are shaking»: Rare appearance of 88-year-old Sophie Loren raised questions among the fans

At eighty-eight years old, one of the movie’s icons, Loren, looks like this.

This movie diva hasn’t been to many events in recent years, which has made her admirers miss their idol a lot. It’s hard to believe that the legendary actress is 88 years old. She shocked her followers with a public appearance these days.



Her family, who were always watching over her to make sure everything would be alright, came as guests. She welcomed her followers with warmth, even though she was barely able to move on her own.

She picked a beautiful black suit and paired it with opulent jewelry for such a noteworthy occasion. Her fans were especially drawn to her wonderfully groomed hair.

A few expressed sadness upon realizing how drastically their beloved actress had changed over time. She was always smiling and looked lovely despite this.

“No matter what, she will always be gorgeous!” and “How long did I sleep?” How much she has changed already!, “She will never go out of style!,” and “It hurts to see our idol grow older.”

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