“He just has a giant brain,” Paris Hilton reacted strongly to internet comments about her son’s head.

Being well-known and famous can be a lot of fun—just picture yourself with endless money, attending lavish red carpet events, and rubbing elbows with the best of society. However, being in the spotlight also comes with scrutiny and criticism.

Due to her experience in the spotlight, Paris Hilton is directly aware of this.

But things recently became worse when hostile internet trolls questioned her small child’s appearance.

The former reality TV star and now businesswoman felt forced to stand up for her 9-month-old son Phoenix Barron after derogatory comments about him surfaced on social media.Paris, who was renowned for her unwavering self-assurance, did not think twice to stand up for herself and her oldest child.

Earlier this year, Paris and her spouse Carter Reum welcomed Phoenix into their family through a surrogate. Phoenix is their first kid together; Evie was Carter’s prior daughter. As new parents, they have lovingly and devotedly handled the ups and downs of parenthood.

Paris recently traveled to New York, and she posted a picture of herself holding her child on social media. A little family was present.

Regarding Phoenix’s head size, some people in the comments area were really critical. insulting comments such as “I heard this baby was developed in a lab” and “Man, you’ve got a lot of thoughts up there.” And she didn’t carry it,” came to light, causing other people to reacted negatively as well.

“Some people are sick in this world,” Paris said, seeming offended by the baseless accusation. I have a thriving angel. He’s just really smart; he’s seen a doctor.

She said, “[My parents] are just so obsessed with him.” I consider myself extremely blessed to have a strong support network in my close-knit family, and my sister Nicky Hilton and I are always available for advice over the phone.

It’s important to remember that celebrities are still susceptible to online abuse and criticism in light of this most recent incident. Although hate and abuse of children are never acceptable, Paris’s resilience in facing the vicious trolls demonstrates her unfailing love for her child.

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