A Woman Transforms a Boeing 747 into a Dream Home

The Greatest Housing Experience

The practice of constructing dwellings out of unusual materials, such as shipping containers, miniature houses, and buses, has been gaining traction.

These distinctive and reasonably priced substitutes provide a variety of customizing choices along with the same degree of comfort. But even before this approach became popular, Jo Ann Ussery set the path for it.

Following the devastating loss of her home in Benoit, Mississippi, in 1993, she set out on an incredible journey to convert an outdated Boeing 727 into a gorgeous and useful residence.

From Misfortune to Victory

Ussery’s journey started when her husband passed away without warning, leaving her and her two kids in need of housing. She was having financial difficulties, so her first instinct was to purchase a trailer.

She quickly found out, though, that she couldn’t afford a house big enough to fit her expanding family. At that moment, Bob, Ussery’s in-law and an air traffic controller, proposed an unusual concept: living aboard an aircraft.

Enticed by the idea, Ussery visited a dismantled Boeing 727 and was instantly enamored. Best feature? All all, the plane came to just $2,000 with shipping. Because Donald Trump also possessed a private Boeing 727, Ussery decided to name her new purchase “Little Trump.”

With tenacity and imagination, Ussery started the enormous undertaking of converting the aircraft into a distinctive and cozy dwelling. For less than thirty thousand dollars, or around sixty thousand today, she started a project that would cost a lot of money and effort.

She deliberately made the jet land on her property with its nose facing a lovely lake because she needed to make sure the aircraft would remain stable during the renovations. Concrete was used to properly anchor the tail in place.


Ussery immediately started destroying the stunning 1,500 square foot interior once the foundations were set. The roughly 138-foot-long airliner was filled with natural light thanks to its 76 windows.

Ussery significantly altered the plane’s design in order to realize her goal. The air conditioning system kept the living area comfortable even if the original windows were broken.

She replaced the aircraft’s flooring and gave insulation upgrades a priority. Ussery also cleverly found ways to save space by repurposing the plane’s bathroom and overhead storage. The outcome? A well-thought-out living room that maximized the amount of space available.


A Special Haven of Coziness

Following the completion of the major renovations, Ussery focused on creating an extraordinary yet cozy living space. The remodeled aircraft now included three bedrooms, a comfortable living area, a fully equipped kitchen, and even a handy laundry room.

Ussery didn’t settle for just the necessities; instead, she went above and above, making sure her refurbished aircraft had unanticipated extras like a phone and an oven. But the most impressive aspect of her design had to be the conversion of the cockpit into an amazing master bathroom.


Ussery designed a soaking tub ingeniously to capitalize on the breathtaking outdoor vistas. The room’s arrangement was carefully thought out to give the impression that anyone entering would be floating on water.

The fact that Ussery carried out this remarkable metamorphosis all by herself is what really makes her accomplishment remarkable. She and her kids enjoyed their special home on board their modified aircraft from 1995 until 1999.

Ussery eventually made the decision to share her creation with the world by turning it into a public museum because the experience had been so satisfying. Sadly, something went wrong while the aircraft was being moved a short distance, allowing it to come loose from the carriage and crumble.

Even though Ussery’s Boeing 727 is no longer in flight, its legacy lives on and continues to inspire. Her amazing adventure of transforming an antiquated airplane into an astonishing house is proof that anyone can design a genuinely unique living place if they have the vision, the creativity, and the willpower to do so.

The life of Jo Ann Ussery is a tribute to the seemingly endless opportunities that present themselves to us when we have the courage to dream big and make our ambitions come true.


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