The son of a model and the most stunning albino in the world describes himself as looking “like a little angel.”

The fact that this attractive man is Georgian may appear unreal. He is well-known as a vocalist in his homeland. He had albinism from birth, a rare condition.

The 28-year-old Bera Ivanishvili has exceptionally white complexion, hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes, which make him look incredibly adorable and amazing. Despite having an unusual appearance, he found love and started a sweet family. The couple’s heir had blue eyes.

The infant is entirely healthy; the only physical trait inherited from his father are his blue eyes. The father organises countless photo shoots with his son because he adores him. Several of the family’s followers adore each post and leave sweet remarks.

“Such a great youngster,” “Very gorgeous family,” “Handsome man,” “Happy to you!” and “Give birth to more children, they are beautiful,” the crowd comments.

How do you feel about the lovely family? Have you ever interacted with an albino?

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