«And he left Griffith for her?” This is what the long-legged blonde that stole Banderas’ heart looked like.

“And he left Griffith behind for her?” This is how the blonde with the lengthy legs first caught Banderas’ attention.

Reliable sources state that Banderas’ marriage to M. Griffith ended abruptly due to his involvement with N. Kimpel. Nicole, nevertheless, claims that they met for the first time following his divorce from his ex-wife.

People’s opinions of their relationship vary. Despite the fact that they are significantly older than one other, some people think they make a bad couple, while others find their relationship to be sweet and peaceful.

“This is how a gorgeous woman should look,” “It makes sense that he was attracted to her.” Is it just me, or does his ex-wife seem more attractive? “What did he find in her?” is the inquiry posed.

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