When Linda wed the 17-year-old, she was 52: How the pair is doing eighteen years later

Linda and Jay had a meeting at work. The juvenile institution employed 52-year-old Linda and her 17-year-old companion. Linda is grateful for Jay and her wide range of interests in books, movies, and hobbies. The young man, obviously older than Linda, pleaded with her to accept his proposal to his colleague.

The couple quickly acquired a legal marriage, much to the ire of the public. In the comments area, online individuals voiced their distaste of the couple’s photos, saying things like, “She was old enough to be your grandma.” Not so long ago, Linda and Jay celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary. In spite of the humorous comments, the pair was able to develop a strong bond.

Jay and Linda, despite not having children, are happy in their marriage and have no plans to dissolve it. Linda gave up a lot of things recently.

The woman still has faith in her companion despite the fact that she is blind and requires a wheelchair. Linda says Jay has never regretted his decision.

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