Twenty-four Years Later. What the 52-year-old Lover of Imhotep Looks Like Now

Do you recall the attractive woman who captured Imhotep’s heart in his most treasured picture? Even though Anxunamun was a reluctant participant, her distinct beauty endured and is now appreciated by many viewers. Patricia Velasquez celebrated her 52nd birthday by adding new images to her Instagram feed.

When she was younger, the Venezuelan model and actress had a youthful face and a flawless form. “It’s unbelievable that 24 years have passed,”

“My initial love,” She looks much older than she actually is. Grooming seems to be the last thing on her mind.

“Aged,” “Some celebrities appear much younger than she does,”

“Beautiful Anxunamun,” “Superb actor,” and “I liked her better than the main character” were some of the comments I saw underneath the newly revealed Velasquez pictures.

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