Dad tells wife he let 3-yr-old daughter choose her picture day outfit, then she sees the final result

For kids, the annual class photo day is a really special occasion since they get to choose their own clothes. However, some children may find it upsetting since they worry about what other people will think of their casual clothes, and some children find it uncomfortable to smile for photos.

Three-year-old Kaylieann Steinbach was looking forward to her bedtime ritual the night before her class photo. But the happy expectation turned to regret as soon as she saw the clothing her parents had laid out for her.

It was up to this small girl to decide what to wear.

Kayliean’s favorite super heroes are Superman and Supergirl, but she calls them “Pooterman” and “Pootergirl” instead because she has significant hearing loss and cannot hear the letter “S.”

She was very clear about what she wanted to wear for the class photos.

“Pootergirl!” she exclaimed to her parents as they began showing her various ensembles.

Austin Steinbach, her father, said to us, “Well, I couldn’t argue with that answer.

Kaylieann donned her hero clothes and accomplished her aims. She was carrying a doll and her supergirl outfit when she posed for the photographers, grinning with joy.

According to Austin, she often wears various costumes to school, and the students and teachers look forward to seeing which super hero outfit she will be wearing each day.

Austin was shocked by the comments on Reddit after posting a picture of Kaylieann in class. Numerous letters of encouragement were sent to him.

He remarked, “The deaf community’s response and turnout is amazing.” “I still can’t get through all of the lovely comments and supportive letters that people have written me. Austin Steinbach told the Huffington Post, “I never could have imagined how much her picture could have touched so many people.”

Kaylieann is indeed an incredible brave girl; she truly is a super hero!

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