When a veteran who is unable to pay for his groceries turns around, he hears a customer say, “It’s our turn.”

Everybody may experience bad times and challenging periods in their lives. It should go without saying that when we do, we deserve the affection and support of those in our immediate vicinity to assist us in getting back on our feet.

This is especially true for the courageous individuals who selflessly serve their country.

Sadly, far too many veterans continue to face hardships even after leaving the military. Some soldiers find that their benefits are insufficient to support them unless they have served for a specific number of years, while others are unsure of what to do once they get to Civvy Street.

Larry Robeson knows this all too well. Larry, a Vietnam veteran who could hardly afford the minimal basics, was reportedly out of luck and didn’t know who to turn to.

But as fate would have it, he was heading to pay for people’s goods in a Las Vegas grocery store when he crossed paths with a Fox 5 Surprise Squad.

Larry was struggling financially, but he had gone to the supermarket with his friend Stephanie, a fellow soldier who was disabled. When a Fox 5 reporter approached Stephanie, she said she was spending her last $50 on food for her dogs and herself, and she wasn’t sure what to do.

Surprise Squad reporter Dave Hall was happy to let Stephanie know that he and his colleagues had taken care of her groceries, and Stephanie was very appreciative of the thoughtfulness of the offer.

Dave soon noticed Larry, who was standing quietly behind Stephanie. Stephanie’s husband’s friend Larry had started the Bones for Blankets organization many years earlier. What is the aim of the club? to give blankets to homeless veterans who have served their country and been left on the streets.

Following the hypothermic deaths of three fellow soldiers, Larry created the charity. He was going to make sure no other veteran suffered the same fate.

He went on to say that because Stephanie’s husband drove a truck and was always gone from home, he kept Stephane company and made ends meet considering the challenges her illness presented.

Larry addressed the Surprise Squad, saying, “No veteran should be going through what she’s going through.”

Dave Hall was positive that Larry wouldn’t leave the store without the Surprise Squad members covering the cost of his groceries as well, even though that might have been the case.

Larry only wanted to get some candy and dish soap, but Dave told him, “You served us.” Helping you is now our responsibility.

Larry was therefore free to look about the store and make any selections he pleased. Dave and the others settled Larry’s tab, totaling $278, leaving him to wipe away tears.

Larry continued, “I’ve been taking care of myself since I was 13, so this is just like overwhelming.”

Watch Larry’s meeting with the Surprise Squad in the video below:

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