Pierce Brosnan gives a heartfelt tribute to wife Keely and recounts their first encounter as she turns 60.

Many people consider Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Smith to be the most well-liked celebrity pair.

From the first pictures they shared together when they first started dating in 1994, it has been evident how much they support and adore one another.Another instance of how they’ve kept up their winning streak is Pierce’s lovely birthday message for Keely, which he shared on Instagram yesterday, September 26.

“Sixty roses for my brown-eyed girl’s 60th birthday.” “In Cabo San Lucas @keelyshayebrosnan, I was sitting there when you came around the corner early one morning, and I was forever happy and blessed,” he said in the post.

In 1994, Pierce wed Cassandra Harris, who passed away in 1991. After that, Pierce left for Mexico to meet Keely.

Their marriage took place in 2001 at Ballintubber Abbey in Ireland. Dylan and Paris are their two children.

The couple commemorated their 22nd anniversary last month. In June, Pierce posted a very moving remark along with a gorgeous picture of the couple taken by her well-known friend and Mamma Mia! co-star Dominic Cooper.

In his work, he described how the stars come from the heavens, the firmament splits the primordial water, the moon rises, and night descends as it moves toward its home.

Earlier this year, Keely and the rest of Pierce’s family wished the well-known James Bond actor a very happy 70th birthday.

“Happy Birthday, my darling @piercebrosnanofficial,” she tweeted.

I hope your journey around the sun is joyful, abundant, and fascinating. Regardless of your age… It displays the level of audacity you possess in life.

“Happy 70th to the creator @piercebrosnanofficial,” Paris tweeted. More blessings, more life, more art. He showed his boys pictures of Pierce.

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