Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s daughter Bella shares a rare selfie

When Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise tied the knot in 1990, they became known as Hollywood’s Golden Couple. Kidman’s acting talent was noticed by Cruise on the set of “Days of Thunder,” and he assisted her in getting a position alongside him, which is how their love affair started. They adopted their son Connor Antony three years after they adopted their daughter Isabella Jane two years later.

After 11 years, their marriage—once viewed as a storybook romance—sadly ended. It was a tragic end to a high-profile relationship full of potential when Tom Cruise filed for divorce.

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise had hoped to become parents together, but their intentions were dashed in 1990 when Nicole became pregnant erratically. As an alternative, they chose to look into adoption, and they brought Connor and Isabella Jane into their life as newborns.

Their kids are grown up now. Connor is 28 years old, and Isabella, as she likes to be called, is thirty. Despite their success in their various industries, they have opted for a low-key way of living. In particular, Bella has chosen to become a hairstylist and artist. At the moment, she and her British spouse, Max Parker, reside in London.

Bella is very active on social media, notably on her Instagram profile where she shares her artwork with her 50,000 followers, while having a pretty quiet life. She shocked her followers in 2020 by posting an unusual selfie while sporting a chic black hat. In the caption, she even made light of Instagram effects.

Bella joked that she was using the kitchen as her “procrastination station” and posted another selfie there. Her unique style and artistic expression are authentic reflections of who she is.

It’s noteworthy to mention that Bella, Connor, and their father Tom Cruise are all active members of the Scientology religion. Bella stated that her children are adults with the ability to make their own decisions, including their religious beliefs, in an interview with Who magazine. She appreciates and supports their decisions because she is a mother.

There have been theories regarding how Kidman and Cruise’s separation was influenced by their religious beliefs and divergent viewpoints. Bella and Connor made the decision to live with their father following the divorce. Kidman acknowledges and appreciates their individuality and choices, even if she has expressed her desire for children to live with her and her current husband, Keith Urban.


Bella has defied expectations by following her own route instead of following in her renowned father’s footsteps and becoming an actor. Like her stepmother Katie Holmes, she has pursued her love of fashion. She really relocated to London in order to attend the Sassoon Academy, where she acquired the skills necessary to become a hairdresser.

Bella thrilled her followers in March with yet another unusual selfie that revealed her stylish new hairstyle. Some even remarked on how much she looked like her father, pointing out similarities between their grin lines and nose shapes. Bella is still developing and forming her own identity.

Bella and her sibling surpass expectations inside the realm of famous kids in Hollywood. They continue to have a grounded and earthy manner, so every time we see Bella, it’s a happy occasion. Remember to forward this image to your family and friends in case they haven’t seen it yet.

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