Rick Harrison of “Pawn Stars” Files for Divorce in a Secretive Manner

Rick Harrison, the well-known star of “Pawn Stars,” has unexpectedly and quietly filed for divorce from his wife, Deanna. Even though most people would be shocked to hear this, it appears that Rick and Deanna were able to conceal their split. According to the court records that our sources have recently obtained, Rick filed for divorce in Clark County, Nevada, on July 1, 2020—nearly seven years after they were married.

The filing’s timing is really interesting. It happened in the middle of the epidemic and amid the widespread demonstrations brought on by George Floyd’s untimely death. These incidents probably contributed to the divorce remaining unseen by the public.

Rick notes in the court documents that their hobbies, worldviews, and general compatibility had greatly changed over their marriage. Rick and Deanna realized that there was no chance of a reunion because their disagreements had rendered their marriage unworkable.

Deanna’s initial response to the divorce filing was a request for maintenance. Nonetheless, the same records state that in September 2020, the ex-couple came to a settlement agreement that addressed all issues, including property partition, alimony, and maintenance.

It is reasonable to infer that Rick is currently one of the most sought-after bachelors due to his amazing $9 million net worth.

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