Tipping: Is It Time for a Change?

Tipping has always generated a lot of conversation, particularly in the US. The discussion has only gotten more heated with the emergence of social media. Opinions are split and controversy has been generated by a recent TikTok incident. Let’s examine the matter and determine your position.

In a since-deleted video, server Lillie discussed tipping from her point of view. She made it clear that because of her low hourly rate, the majority of her income comes from tips. Lillie brought up the point that menu prices are purposefully maintained lower in the hope that tips from patrons will make up the difference. She made a daring declaration when she declared, “You don’t deserve to eat out if you can’t afford to tip.”

Lillie compared it to employing a nanny and brought up the issue of cost. Should you think twice about eating out if you can’t afford to tip the full amount, much like a nanny’s pay? Her statement sparked a contentious debate among the audience.

Views on Lillie’s position were split. Her statement was met with criticism from those who saw it as entitlement and advised people to look for other work if their income was not enough.

Others echoed Lillie’s viewpoint and related their own personal tales of inadequate pay. They emphasized that leaving a gratuity improves the quality of your dining experience.

What are your opinions on this hot-button issue now? When dining out, should those who are unable to leave a 20% tip think twice? Please comment with your thoughts below!

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