Inside “The Sacred Space” Of Bette Midler: The Impressive Shots Of The Family Pool House Designed By Her Husband!

After spending almost forty years together, Bette Midler and Martin von Haselberg have become a symbol of enduring love in the film industry. Their story of love, which started in 1984 with an impromptu marriage in Las Vegas, has blossomed into a meaningful, long-lasting relationship. Midler looks back on their unique ceremony with nostalgia, praising its uncomplicated nature and dearth of photographic records.

The couple’s journey started soon after they first met, since they decided to get married right away. Even though Midler was well-known in the entertainment sector, their quick marriage was viewed as a risky decision.

Still, it set the stage for a strong relationship. Their mutual dedication to family, which became even more important once their daughter Sophie was born two years into their marriage, is the cornerstone of their happy marriage. This turning point helped to strengthen their marriage by directing their attention toward providing a loving environment for their child.


Haselberg has been a wonderful parent and a loving husband, bringing linguistic and culinary talents to their daughter’s life. He went from performing arts to a profession in commodities trading. Midler credits their marriage’s success in part to their education in the art of compromise and the value of clear communication.

On their Millbrook, New York, property, Haselberg created an amazing pool house as a unique way to show his family how much he loved them. This distinctive area, designed with a whimsical and artistic flair, is a tangible embodiment of Haselberg’s creative vision and his dedication to bringing happiness to his family.

The pool house has a whimsical exterior that contrasts with its colorful and unique interior, which was inspired by straightforward country churches and memories of avant-garde architecture.

Haselberg worked with creative consultant Nancy Kintisch to incorporate striking hues and unusual design features throughout the room, such as the baby pink lacquered floors and the lavender-painted ceiling. The interior, with its skillfully hidden amenities and roomy built-in sofa, exudes a whimsical sophistication that is typified by its basic yet amusing design.

Haselberg’s love of hallowed places and an iconic Venice, California building design affected his creative approach. His goal was to create a place that blended the unexpected with the tranquil, and the outcome is a pool house with an energetic interior that contrasts with its edifice-like facade.


The change from a conventional facade to a vibrant family area is a reflection of both the couple’s mutual appreciation of significant and inventive design as well as Haselberg’s creative vision.

In addition to being a wonderful place for unwinding and hosting family get-togethers, this amazing pool house is a monument to the couple’s unwavering love and moral principles. Midler and Haselberg have fostered a partnership that is enduring and inspiring by being creative, willing to make concessions, and devoted to their family.

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