Couple asks neighbor to take kids at 3am, stunned when the answer is ‘no’

Many people find it rewarding to assist their neighbor when they are in need. But occasionally, the request is too great, and some people are unwilling to go above and beyond.

To find out where this neighbor drew the line, read the story through.

Many people find laboring to be a stressful experience, particularly those who are already parents. Making childcare arrangements can be difficult if the labor arrives unexpectedly and no preparations have been made.

Even while some individuals have a plan in place, sometimes your entire schedule might be completely thrown off when labor starts suddenly. When this woman went into labor, she hurried to the hospital without giving any thought to who would look after her older children. She shared her experience on Reddit to get feedback from users.

A mother of 26 years old wrote on social media about moving to a new apartment complex a year prior. Being in a newly constructed building, their neighbors had all moved in at roughly the same time as them and were still getting to know one another.


Children who live in the building play together because the buildings share a courtyard. In addition, many of the young families in the building lend a hand to one another frequently. The young mother remembered assisting other mothers with various child-related tasks and providing baby formula to them. She did, however, clarify that she has not made friends with any of the other mothers and that she otherwise maintains her distance.

Due to his visitation with friends and family, the young mother was left alone with her husband. She was caring for her two-year-old and eleven-month-old children.

In a group, the mothers in the building assist one another with child care. She simply participates silently in the group and never offers assistance because she doesn’t want anyone else to look after her kids. They rotate and take turns.


She mentioned that her door was knocked on the previous day at three in the morning. Since it was so late at night and she was at home alone with her kids, she chose not to open the door. She also wasn’t anticipating any guests.

She saw her neighbor knocking on her door when she could no longer bear to hear them. The neighbor had just gone into labor and was nine months pregnant. Her hospital bag and boyfriend were with her as she stood outside the door. When her neighbor’s aunt arrived, she was asked if she could watch their kids for an hour.

She declined, stating that she did not want to take the chance of her kids being awakened or be held accountable if something happened to them.


The neighbor’s children were one and four years old. She claimed that having her own two children took up too much of her time and that she did not want to have four kids running around her home. It would have been difficult to calm the one-year-old because of their strong attachment to their primary caregivers, she noted later, and the fact that she was a stranger.

Her partner became irate and reprimanded her, stating that it was impossible for a mother to see another person struggle and do nothing. She believed that she would not have been spoken to in that way if her husband had been present. In an attempt to determine if she had made a mistake in this instance, she went to Reddit.

On the Reddit discussion, a lot of people concurred with her. Someone brought up the fact that the parents appeared to be in a chaotic scenario due to their lack of preparation and their apparent lack of forethought. The parents “left their kids’ safety and wellbeing until their literal last minute,” according to user Schezzi, who claimed that they had nine months to prepare.


Some users, on the other hand, weren’t as understanding and believed that this was improper conduct. It seemed inappropriate, according to BrinaGu3, to assist someone during an emergency.

The original poster later returned and told everyone that the aunt had not arrived until eight in the morning, according to the neighbor who had finally consented to take the kids in. She woke up her kids too, and they didn’t sleep through the whole night. In her home, they had also left a mess. To prove to everyone that she had made the right decision in leaving the kids behind, she brought up all of this.

Regarding this matter, everyone is of a different perspective. How do you feel about it? Tell us in the comments below. Talk about this with others so they may comment for you as well.

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