At 56, Julia Roberts causes stir as she debuts new hairstyle for fans – “not the same person”

I think we can all agree that Julia Roberts is no stranger to drawing attention with her ever-changing hairstyles.

The renowned actress has worn a variety of styles throughout the years, but this most recent transformation could be one of the most striking. Readers will undoubtedly recall last year’s introduction of a new “spontaneous” fringe by Roberts, which drew a lot of criticism.

Now, the Erin Brockovich actress has made the decision to stir things up once more, and she’s going blonde this time.

The actress was recently spotted on Instagram posing with freshly colored lovely blonde blocks, yet her followers are probably more familiar with her if they had darker hair.

Roberts received a ton of acclaim for the post in question, and the public seemed thrilled. On Facebook, however, images of the celebrity’s new appearance elicited more mixed responses.

Highbrowhippie on Instagram

Many people have pointed out apparent shortcomings in Roberts’ new style, suggesting that not everyone thought going blonde was the best decision.

Someone wrote, “Not the same person [sic].”

“That woman lacks beauty. She’s not a bleached blonde,” said another.

A third person said, “Doesn’t go with her skin color,” while a fourth wrote, “Red is so much prettier.”

After doing some further research, a different admirer offered a possible explanation for Roberts’ decision to dye her hair.

They speculated, “She probably chose blonde because she is grey.” “A blonde tends to cover grays better.”

In an interview with Vogue earlier this year, Roberts stated that not attending college is one of her greatest regrets to date.

“I was unable to.” At the time, the 56-year-old stated, “It wasn’t in my cards.”

“My family lacked the necessary funds. And I was not qualified for a scholarship. That sort of thing.

Julia Roberts looks amazing with her new blonde hair, in our opinion. What say you? Share your opinions with us in the comments.

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