I Saw My Daughter Crying with My Ex-husband’s New Wife Laughing Nearby before Realizing What Really Happened

I got divorced from my husband, Noah, a long time ago. He is now wed to Katie, his new spouse. We’re still friendly because we’re trying to provide our daughter Lexie with a drama-free upbringing.

One week with me and one week with my ex-husband was the routine co-parenting rhythm that had become accustomed to us. I was relieved to see how well Katie had assimilated into our daughter’s life. Even though I felt a little uneasy, I realized how much she affected our child’s wellbeing.

Child drawing on a box | Source: Pexels

Young artist sketching on a box | Source: Pexels

Noah once commented, “Katie is going to be a second mother to Lex,” while he was dropping off our young child. “But she’s not a replacement mother.”

That was fine with me. Someone who only wanted Noah and had no connection to his family is not someone I would prefer have in our lives than Katie, who genuinely loved Noah and Lexie.

Anyway, I was prepared to pick up Lexie on Friday, which marked the conclusion of her week with Noah.

I walked up to the front door ready for the usual small talk, during which Katie would tell me about a recipe she had tried. Katie is an amazing chef, and I have to admit that she occasionally attempts to make my dishes so Lexie may have “home food” while she’s here.

Don’t get me wrong, I still feel uncomfortable around Katie, and it’s been difficult to get used to her presence in my daughter’s life, but we’re making every effort to make things simple for Lexie.

While strolling down the front porch, lost in contemplation, I felt the door open a little and pushed it open even more.

Woman cooking in kitchen | Source: Unsplash

A woman is in the kitchen, cooking | Source: Unsplash

I yelled, “Hello?”

Before I could say anything further, though, a piercing scream went through the house.

The scream of Lexie. I was aware of it right away.

I was propelled inside without thinking as panic took control of me.

I ran through the house and ended up in the kitchen, where Katie was standing over my daughter, hovering over her with a broom.

“Lexie?” Uncertain of what I was seeing, I asked. “What in the world is going on?!”

I wanted to lash out at Katie and accuse her of hurting my child because I had witnessed the entire scenario. My stepmother was standing over my daughter, gripping a broom, while she appeared to have been thrown to the ground.

However, as I was about to speak, I noticed a small pair of feet darting into the room’s corner.

Person holding a broom | Source: Pexels

Individual clutching a broom | Source: Pexels

“It’s a rat!” With her gaze fixed on the bin, Katie let out a cry. “Lexie, jump up!”

Leaping off the ground, Lexie landed on a chair.

“Mom!” Lexie yelled. “Hit it!”

Katie grabbed a mop from close to where she was standing and tossed the boom to me.

I laughed and muttered, “Damn it.”

Katie remarked, “I tried to shoo it away.” “But then, Lexie tripped and fell because it ran over her shoe.”

“It went crazy!!” Saying from the chair was Lexie. “It just jumped onto my foot in the living room and then ran into the kitchen.”

“All right, let’s just get this over with,” I murmured, trying not to smile too much.

After a few minutes of quiet and soft prodding, I opened the kitchen door to the back porch, and the rat quickly went outdoors.

As Lexie leaped down, Katie called out to her, “Come on, honey,” and extended a hand.

With an ashamed expression on her face, Katie said, “I’ll get an exterminator to come over tomorrow and check out the property.” “But I’ll leave some mousetraps around later.”

I couldn’t get the feeling that Katie might have harmed my kid. Since Lexie was “our” child, I should have known that she wouldn’t do anything to hurt her.

Katie apologized, sounding as though she could read my thoughts. “That was a bit of a scene to walk into.”

I said, “It’s okay,” as my first rage subsided. “I’m sorry, Katie. I just… I simply assumed that you were going to attack her by jumping the gun.”

Katie placed her hand on my arm and shook her head.

Mousetrap with cheese | Source: Pixabay

Cheese-filled mousetrap | Source: Pixabay

“I mean, I would never do that,” she declared. “I think I was more afraid of it than she was.”

We were standing in the unkempt living room, clearly seeing the damage from the skirmish.

“Leave it,” Katie urged. “Let’s have some tea before you go.”

After Lexie made sure the rat wasn’t lurking under the table, we took a seat at the dining room table.

I observed Katie as she moved deftly about the kitchen, pulling out a pie from the refrigerator and brewing tea.

“I never imagined that I would have to battle a rat in my own house,” Katie stated with a sincere grin.

I answered, “Yeah, well, we can add that to the list of things we never expected,” feeling completely relieved of the stress from before.

I saw Katie defend Lexie from the rat, no matter what. And I knew it was all going to be alright. When I was not there, Katie would look after my child’s safety.

Cup of tea | Source: Unsplash

Teacup | Image sourced from Unsplash

We spent the afternoon together, drinking tea at the table, and exchanging anecdotes about our earliest anxieties. I reasoned that Katie and I were still friendly, and that Lexie needed to see that. that even though her Dad and I were no longer together, Lexie could enjoy a secure family life.

I was relieved that when I entered Noah and Katie’s home, I had maintained my composure. To be honest, I had reacted very maternally to Lexie’s cry, and if I hadn’t taken a moment to realize that it was all just a hilarious meeting, I would have snapped at Katie.

Peanut butter and jelly pie | Source: Unsplash

Jelly and peanut butter pie | Source: Unsplash

Have you experienced anything comparable while co-parenting your children?

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