Price is Right’ Contestant Makes History with Incredible Bid

The game show “The Price is Right” may be recalled. In any case, the price was virtually perfect on a recent show! When a competitor made the “best Showcase bid in the history of the show,” host Drew Carey was taken aback.

The competitor, Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada’s Patrice Masse, has advanced all the way to the Showcase Showdown. He put in an incredible $39,500 offer for a prize package that included a brand-new automobile and a trip to Miami.

Everyone held their breath until the moment of truth arrived and the true value of the prize package was disclosed. The host, Drew Carey, was completely stunned. Patrice’s offer was only $1 less than the prize package’s $39,501 value!

Due to his amazing estimate, Patrice was able to win both the prize package and the coveted title of Double Showcase Winner for the program. The criteria state that the winner of both showcases is the competitor who comes closest to the actual value, without exceeding it by $250. This incredible victory will undoubtedly rank among the greatest in game show history!

Patrice, congrats on your fantastic victory! We adore “The Price is Right” even more at times like this.

Watch this amazing moment here:

If you enjoy “The Price is Right,” tell your friends about this amazing tale and let’s all celebrate Patrice’s successful bid!

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